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Two new monuments could appear in Murmansk at the same time. In 2014, citizens offered to create a monument to cod. During the Great Patriotic War, the cod saved many human lives, it became the basis of the ration of military Murmansk.

The monument design contest of “The Evening Murmansk” inspired citizens to share their creative ideas with the city newspaper: http://vmnews.ru/novosti/hronika/2015/02/24/narodnyj-eskiz
Citizens have prepared more than twenty sketches of the future architectural composition.

Another significant place should be a memorial "Memory and Grief". Many citizens want to see a small monument in the form of a skeleton of the chimney, as a symbol of destroyed, but unbroken city.
More information: http://www.b-port.com/news/item/150402.html#ixzz3VZBFUTJT

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