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May 05, it became known that the JSC "LENMORNIIPROEKT" received positive findings of FAA "Glavgosexpertiza Russia" on the project documentation and engineering survey results to estimate the cost of the object "Construction and reconstruction of federal property in the seaport of Murmansk, Murmansk region. Reconstruction of the harbor station. Adjustment ".

Project documentation, developed by the Institute, supposes reconstruction and strengthening of the constructions of the building of the harbor station. To ensure the work of the international cruise lines area the project provides the border inspection post. The estimated capacity of the checkpoint will be 120 passengers per hour.

"During the reconstruction of the facility there will also be a number of activities to improve the earthquake resistance of the building: excluding of the existing pile foundations and installing of a single monolithic slab on the natural basis under the entire building, the creation of anti-seismic joint, strengthening of existing masonry, strengthening columns and other building structures, establishing of anti-seismic belts, - said General Director of "LENMORNIIPROEKT" Vladimir Merzlikin. - Upon completion of the renovation of the building, a harbor station will be able to withstand earthquakes of up to 7 points. "

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