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Location – Murmansk, the square near Murmansk Regional Drama Theatre

The author of monument to the frontier guards of the Arctic was an honored Russian sculptor Ivan Melnikov from Smolensk.

A border sign rises above the pedestal that symbolises the harsh northern cliffs. Around it three frontier guards froze guarding the land, sea and air borders. They stand back to back with arms at the ready, and at their feet froze forever faithful friend - frontier dog.

Together with the defenders of the homeland borders Ivan Melnikov immortalized in bronze legendary frontier post A-35, standing on the ridge Musta-Tunturi. The guards recieved the first strike of German troops on June 29, 1941. Some years they fought bravely on the banks of rivers Lotta and Titovka on the ridge Musta-Tunturi and near Kandalaksha. It is on the Kola Peninsula, the enemy was not able to fully cross the Soviet border.

Many years have passed since the victory, and the frontier guards still reliably cover the north-western borders of the country. After all, these days Murmansk region borders with 2 states - Norway and Finland, and is a basis for the protection of the sea borders of Russia in the Arctic.