Location – Murmansk city, near Chumbarov-Luchinsky Street, 40

Unveiling of the monument has been waited for more than 30 years, and November 10, 2012 the monument wass opened, Murmansk symbol of loyalty, love and courage of the female, a public project.

Construction of the monument and the landscaping of the adjacent territory was held by voluntary donations of Murmansk citizens and businessmen.

Bronze sculpture of a girl waving a handkerchief, was casted in Smolensk by sculptors Igor Chumakov and Yuri Anushko.

"Waiting Girl", the height of which was about 3 meters, looks to the side of the Kola Bay, meeting and escorting ships that visited the port of Murmansk.

Around the monument there are observation deck, park and parking lot.

"Let all who are in the sea for a long time out,

Fishing boats and ships -

Let them in home harbor leads

This waiting girl, as the image of the whole earth. "

These warm, heartfelt words dedicated to those who know how to wait were written by Murmansk poet Victor Timofeev. They are applied in gold letters on the plate at the pedestal of the monument "Waiting Girl".