А.Бредов 1

Location – Murmansk, crossroads of Lenin Avenue and Profsoyuzov street

On May 9, 1958 at the crossroads of Lenin Avenue and Profsoyuzov street a monument to the Hero of the Soviet Union, citizen of Murmansk Anatoly Bredov was opened.

The three-meter bronze statue depicts a soldier in the moment of highest tension of all his spiritual and physical strength. The face expresses determination, willingness to fulfill the military duty. Fluttering flaps of the martial cloak emphasize rushing. Service shirt skintights strong body, highly raised right hand grips a grenade. All the muscles are tense in this last throw. He relies on a granite boulder with his knee, soulless peace which clearly contrasts with the figure of a soldier full of dynamism. Monument extols patriotism, devotion to the Fatherland.

The round shape of the pedestal is made of almost untreated stone of the northern polar and recalls the hills, where the hero has taken his fight to the death.

On the pedestal is engraved in gold: "Komsomol and Youth of Murmansk To Anatoly Bredov"