Location – Murmansk, Geroev Severomortsev Avenue, 4

Murmansk Oceanarium - Europe's only aquarium complex on the study of arctic seals, which solves complex problems of environmental education and public education. Birthday of oceanarium is October 4, 1996.

Seven artists-seals live in Murmansk Oceanarium. They belong to the order of pinnipeds (Pinnipedia). Pinnipeds - a medium-sized or large animals adapted to life in water.

In aquarium you can see the 4 species of pinnipeds. These are listed in Red Book rear gray seals Philip Kay, Varya, Dasha; bearded seal Dik; seal Knopka and harp seal Persik. Animals artists are pleased to present solo and group performances, demonstrate their acrobatic and artistic skills.

A pleasant surprise for the guests of the oceanarium is a beautiful and informative laser movie about Arctic pinnipeds.